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“Change the energy you are offering the world,” is something I read by author Carol Tuttle. When you walk in a room, people can feel and sense your energy.  They can tell that you are an angry, sad or happy person just by the energy you are offering. I made a decision when I was a teenager that I was not going to let Huntington’s Disease bring me down, but that has been harder then I had imagined. I decided after the passing of 2 of my siblings, and my older sister being admitted to a mental facility in Pueblo, that I needed to deal with this disease and actually tell people that Huntington’s was in my family. For I am the Soul Survivor of four children, born with 50/50 chance of inheriting the Huntington’s Disease Gene. Each sibling was diagnosed in their early to mid 20’s, giving them little chance to travel and see the world as they had dreamed of.

I was so fortunate to have a best friend from high school help start me on this quest! I am thankful to this day for my friend Eric, who has helped guide me on my journey in so many ways! I am also thankful to his wife, Stacy, for being so gracious and tolerant of me asking him for his advice. What a wonderful couple!

I also decided to get some help in how to manage my sadness and change my energy.  Change the energy I am putting out and change the world I am creating for myself. What I knew I could do, to bring me joy and feel as though I am fulfilling some kind of spirited relationship to my siblings was see the world. Travel was one thing I knew had been pulling at me since I was a child and we would all dream of where we would travel to and what we would see and do!  It helps me to feel close to them, even if it is in spirit.

I remember being overly curious of traveling when my older brother was able to go on a school trip with his french class to Europe. My sisters and I would wonder what he was seeing, eating, and experiencing. We would talk about our own dreams of where we wanted to travel. Top of my list was Hawaii!  I remember being in  lala land when I actually booked our trip to Hawaii, always believing that it was so out of reach for me,  never really believing I would go!!

I will be the only one of us four that gets the opportunity to travel extensively. BRING IT ON!!

Through my travels, I will bring a little of each of them with me, reflection of each, and tears for each sibling. It is quite the accompIishment for me to be so vulnerable and open regarding this subject that has been so sensitive and personal. I hope I can capture some of the raw emotions I feel and yet show you great tips and amazing places you may want to travel to.

Life can bring on extreme challenges for so many of us, but it is up to the individual to make a choice and find some kind of light in the darkness. For me, it has always been remembering our childhood dreams of traveling, and acting on them. My siblings and parents would be happy to know that I am enjoying the dreams we as children fantasized about while watching The Love Boat, Fantasy Island’ and The Price is Right(always gave away luxury trips)! Who didn’t dream of seeing those exotic islands and countries, right?

My siblings and I, 1980…myself, Christy, Bob and Carri

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives,other souls”-Anais Nin


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