Long Day Flying…but worth it

Our flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam was 7.5 hrs, with a small layover before the next flight to Belgrade, Serbia. From Belgrade we flew into Dubrovnik. Total hours since leaving Minneapolis airport was about 16.

While flying from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, I sat in the window seat and observed what was going on below us and in the sky. The land was amazing, with beautiful mountains that were full of green trees and rivers,lakes and divided up farm land! It reminded me of the beauty we have in this world and never know about it until it is brought to us by travel! I had no idea about Serbia’s climate or landscape. What beauty!

As I watched the beautiful landscape underneath the plane, we soon came into huge cumulus clouds. My mind immediately went to my family that has passed and are out in our universe, watching and hopefully guiding me along on all my travels. I felt their presence in the clouds, as if they were saying,”Good for you!! Travel and see the world. We are right here  to experience it with you!” They each surfaced in my emotions with stories to tell as we climbed, walked, swam and drove our way across Croatia and Montenegro.

Somewhere above Serbia

I had previously set up a driver to pick us up and bring us from the airport to our rental room. Since I used Booking.com for our rental room, I had remembered seeing they offered drivers to pick you up at the airport and bring  you to your destination. So, I went back to booking.com and booked a driver to pick us up at the airport  and bring us to our rental in dubrovnik.

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